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Hey!  Im website designer and social media manager Filip Vujadinovic.

You know how discouraging it can be to put so much effort into your company's online image only to feel like you've fallen short.
We've all been there, especially me.
This is why I've taken the time to learn about marketing, messaging, design and even some human psychology to help deepen the connection between you and your customers and clients.
I help get the right people to your website, and then convey your message in a way that means something to them.
Together we can overcome any obstacle
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How can I help you reach your goals?

The most important part of your goal:

Its yours to acheive and no one else's!

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Website Design

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Website Management

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Social Media Management

Done-For-You Website Projects

For companies looking to really boost their company's growth.  I do offer a limited amount of spots for a full-service custom website project. Website Optimization, SEO, and one advertising campaign is included with the package.


Site maintenance and updates.

Looking for someone who can help you keep your site functional, efficient and updated?

I offer multiple payment plans to help keep your website at its peak performance.  


Social Media optimization and expert management

I have proven techniques that will help you increase your engagement, loyal following, leads, and traffic.

With several strategies depending on your goals, I can help you overcome the social media speed bumps.

$1250 / MONTH

Was looking for some help with social media.  I was surprised at how much information Filip knew and how simple he made it sound.  Not only was he knowledgable but he manages my account the exact way I envision it. 

Andrew Nicholson

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